Mindful Communication is Focus of New Book 'PARENTS Awake to Your Children's Voices and Thoughts'

Educator and author Marti Eicholz offers insightful
guidance for raising healthy-minded children

San Diego, CA, January 22, 2016 – Few would disagree that parenting is a difficult job. It does not come with instructions or how-to manuals, nor is there something innate that takes over, above all else, to insure children will develop into emotionally healthy, stable adults. In her new book, ‘PARENTS Awake to Your Children’s Voices and Thoughts,’ Marti Eicholz presents her perspective on the importance of paying full attention to the needs, hopes, worries and behaviors of children. It is this level of attention and connection that is key to creating a healthy family system where children feel safe, heard, respected, accepted and loved.

us.vocuspr.com/Publish/532427/vcsPRAsset_532427_122310_74ca44a9-3f39-46cf-9444-75095778cb3b_0.jpgEicholz’s book is a unique set of guidelines—presented gently and accompanied by colorful illustrated vignettes of children—that encourage parents to be more present in the lives of their children, to be more aware of how they communicate and to reconnect with their inner child. There is nothing cliché about it as Eicholz reveals that in order to raise healthy-minded kids, parents need to get in touch with the child they once were, and recognize and remember what it felt like to have questions and fears. In addition to her unique approach, which enhances the authenticity and power of her words (each page details the thoughts of a child and the recommended parental response), Eicholz offers interactive exercises and helpful insights that will assist parents in fulfilling their potential.

In many of her roles as an educator, Eicholz worked directly with children, listening to and watching how they expressed themselves, dealt with worries, asked questions and responded to their environment. She recognized her own childhood feelings and thoughts in the children she was teaching. She remembered, she says, what it felt like to be insecure, fearful, lonely and ignored. It is this connection to her younger self, and an understanding of what was missing from her own upbringing, that drives the foundation of her message: pay attention to what kids say, feel, think and ask for. It matters—a lot.

“After many years of working with children of all ages and listening to their stories, I discovered that many of their thoughts and feelings were mine as a child. I could relate. I needed someone to listen to me, to observe and to pay attention to me,” explains Eicholz. “Getting into your child’s head and viewing life from their perception provides a platform for understanding.”

Children are people. They listen, observe, internalize and emote just as adults do. Eicholz makes it clear that these precious early years matter most in raising kids that are happy and well adjusted. “This book reveals guidelines for creating a healthy family, and offers an opportunity for you to recharge and nurture your own spirit,” says Eicholz. “When you open up to the truth inside you, you’ll intuitively sense your child’s needs.”

‘PARENTS Awake to Your Children’s Voices and Thoughts’ is published in eBook format by eBookIt.com and is now available at Amazon.com.

Review copies of ‘PARENTS Awake to Your Children’s Voices and Thoughts’ are available to media contacts upon request. Marti Eicholz is available for interviews.


Marti Eicholz

About the Author
Marti Eicholz was born and reared in Indiana. She has graduate degrees in Education and Education Counseling. She was an Elementary School Teacher, Supervisor for Curriculum Development, Administrator of a Multi-Ethnic Middle School and a University Instructor. She and her husband are now living in California, where her time is spent writing, reading, listening to music, researching human behavior, traveling and playing bridge.

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