Giacometti Exhibition in Korea / Biographie par Catherine Grenier

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par Catherine GRENIER

Edition Flammarion
Collection Grande Biographies
ISBN 978-2-0814-1639-0
352 pages
25 €

«Tout l’art du passé, de toutes les époques, de toutes les civilisations, surgit devant moi, tout est simultané comme si l’espace prenait la place du temps.»

Alberto Giacometti n’est pas seulement un artiste majeur du XXe siècle : il est aussi l’une de ses personnalités les plus originales. Fruit de recherches nouvelles, cet ouvrage nous introduit dans l’intimité d’un artiste hanté par son œuvre, toujours poussé en avant par une exigence sans concession.

Catherine Grenier nous livre le destin et le parcours singulier d’Alberto Giacometti, de sa vie et de son œuvre, dans une biographie à lire comme un roman.


Premiere in Korea

from 21/12/2017
to 15/04/2018

Curated by
Catherine Grenier and Christian Alandete

Fondation Giacometti, Paris in collaboration with Covana Contents presents the first exhibition dedicated to Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) to be presented in Korea.
Alberto Giacometti is considered as one of the greatest sculptors and artists of the 20th century, and widely regarded as the embodiment of the spirit of modernism. Many of his sculptures have become landmarks in modern art.
As one of the leading figures of 20th century art, Giacometti has had a profound impact on the development of Post-war art, and has been acclaimed by the world’s community of artists, being widely recognized as "the artist of the artists".
This exhibition highlights the artist’s very first and final years with around one hundred major works from the premises of his artistic career in his father's studio in Stampa (Switzerland) to the late period (1960-1965) in Paris (France). It includes the very last pieces the artist worked on: Bust of Lotar as well as the unique plaster model of the iconic sculpture Walking Man that will be shown for the very first time in Asia.
Giacometti’s widely acclaimed works, part of the Fondation Giacometti’s rich collection, including portraits drawings, paintings, photographs, manuscripts and other archival material, will provide abundant insights for a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of his art, especially regarding his interest for living models. It will show the diversity of techniques the artist employed in this decisive period. The exhibition will also present a reconstitution of the space of the 23 square meters studio the artist lived and worked in from 1926 until his death.